Security Risk Assessments

Take the first step to an effective security program by identifying vulnerabilities

Organizations are becoming more susceptible to hacker attacks and malware intrusions as we become more dependent on computers and electronic data. That means managing security risk is imperative now, more than ever. But many organizations don’t know where to start and how to implement effective threat mitigation plans.

A crucial step to developing an efficient security program is identifying and ranking security risks through an assessment. That is where Sita’s Security Risk Assessments can help. We will thoroughly analyze your technology infrastructure and provide detailed reports so your executives can make informed decisions.

Protect your government agency from hackers and malware by knowing your risks and implementing mitigation measures

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Sita’s Security Risk Assessments involve:

  • Mapping threats to your systems and data
  • Comparing security levels with risk likelihood and impact
  • Ranking your asset’s value and severity level of a potential threat
  • Calculating recovery costs from damages
  • Assessing gaps in cybersecurity measures
  • Reporting and developing a strategy for appropriate risk mitigation

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