Avoid hefty fines and other penalties by protecting your digital assets

Interpreting regulations can be daunting even for government organizations that enforce them. There are different acronyms for various types of data, industries, or storage methods, and the laws are not always clear on how to achieve compliance. Without the right technical expertise, achieving compliance is never easy and often ends in costly failure. That’s where Sita specialists can help.

Get peace of mind by leaving the technical issues of your organization’s regulatory compliance in our capable hands. When you leverage our Compliance service, we’ll assess your existing practices, walk you through the auditing process, and make suggestions for ensuring lasting compliance.

Don’t wait until you run into expensive and time-consuming compliance violations, prevent them with help from Sita

Sita’s Compliance service can help you with:

  • HIPAA – healthcare organizations that process protected health information (PHI) are required by law to successfully complete an annual HIPAA Risk Assessment
  • SOX – organizations are required by law to formalize a system of internal checks and balances, and implement accuracy and transparency in corporate governance and financial reporting
  • FISMA – federal agencies are obliged to meet the requirement of Federal Information Security Management Act (FISMA); standards and guidelines produced by NIST help these agencies achieve that and also protect data and data systems through cost-efficient programs

Network & Computer System Security

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Security Risk Assessments

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