Network & Computer System Security

Protect your network and systems from hackers and malware

Every organization relies on technology, and data is one of the most valuable assets there are. As a government organization, network security must be a top priority. If you don’t have adequate security measures to protect your systems and network, you are putting citizens at risk of identity theft and exposing your organization to crippling downtime.

Sita’s Network & Computer System Security service uses multiple security barriers to ensure your network, systems, and critical data are safe from hackers and malware. We don’t rely on cookie-cutter security measures, as every organization has different needs. Our partnership with industry leaders in IT security means that you can rely on our robust, next-gen tools.

Prevent costly data breach and ensure constituent confidence and trust in your agency

Sita’s Network & Computer System Security service can help you to:

  • Protect your organization from internal and external threats – we will monitor network activities, pinpoint weak spots, flag suspicious activities, and neutralize threats before they affect your operations
  • Securely work remotely – remote employees will be able to access data and network securely, and ensure that devices in a BYOD setting are protected
  • Inspire confidence in staff and citizens – they will know that they can rely on your uninterrupted services and that their personal and financial information is secure

Managed Services

Focus on providing your vital services while we take care of the technology

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Security Risk Assessments

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Backup and Disaster Recovery

Get your organization back on its feet fast after a disaster or a data loss event

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